We offer several levels of facilitated summer camps during the summer holidays.

Summer camps further develop and expand on the skills and concepts your child has learned in individual sessions with their Speech Language Pathologist. Summer camps will further prepare your child for outings, group work, friendships, relationships, jobs, sports and recreation. Working within a group your child will constantly be engaged in a variety of social situations with peers, where therapists can observe your child’s responses and behaviours, and give immediate guidance. Group sessions will allow your child to learn in a real time environment and directly apply their newly acquired social skills. Summer camps encourage positive interactions between students, where students build friendships and self confidence along the way, and when they begin to share their own experiences with the other students, it helps them to realize that they are not alone. All Therapeutic Summer camps at Speak Easy Communication & Education will be facilitated by Lynne LeBrun of Grow Together Therapeutic Learning Services Ltd. under the supervision of Leslie Hanika to provide consistency and carry over from individual therapy.


Please see the below PDF's for full summer camp details:

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